Becoming a Canadian physician?
We do the research.
You build your career.

onboardMD by MD Financial is an entire platform to help Canadian medical students throughout their entire career. We’ve been by their side since day one.

Native app

onboardMD is primarily a native mobile app. Coded in ReactNative and built for both iOS and Android platforms, it integrates with third party tools, other web apps, and user databases. There is also a whole admin backend to this tool which lets our clients monitor analytics and user status. This project is extensive and we could easily talk about it all day long.

Do things, tell people

When building a platform as extensive as onboardMD, you need to tell people about it. Websites, landing pages, promotional material, LaunchFort had a hand in all of it.

Mobile is king

Targeting a younger generation where phones are the primary source of consumption means the mobile experience has to come first.

The details

We love working with onboardMD. The project is both interesting and challenging with many different moving parts to consider. It started as a simple website to help students achieve their dreams of attending medical school and from that success it expanded into many more avenues.

Together we built a series of web tools to help Canadian medical students find where they can go, what they might specialize in, how to prepare for interviews, and more. As more users started using the platform and onboardMD's needs outgrew the web, moving the whole platform to a native mobile app was necessary.


  • ReactNative
  • FireBase
  • Auth0
  • Zendesk
  • Uberflip


  • Brand
  • Websites
  • Web apps
  • Mobile app
  • Promotional material