Court reporting, transcription, and recording—all at once.

iStenoVoice by Stenotran is a platform with a very specific use for Ottawa’s judicial system. Bilingual court trials need to be transcribed and having more than one language adds new layers of complexity.

Building a bridge

iStenoVoice combines multiple audio inputs from different microphones and video feeds all in real time. Transcribers setup their Dragon Natural Speaking and speak what they hear to transcribe the audio into text. The platform helps users easily jump to different speakers, rooms, and even languages, making their final product more accurate.

Bilingual mixer

Here in Ottawa, court rooms are filled with both English and French, with some people hopping between the two languages at any given time. iStenoVoice helps create both a clean English and French report.

Play the room

Jump between audio inputs and only hear what you need to hear. A clean audio source makes more accurate documents.

The details

This project doesn’t necessarily turn heads when it walks into the room, but it’s the one you have the most interesting conversation with. iStenoVoice transcribes audio to text in real time while other remote users can follow along.

Real time means there’s no waiting for processing. Oh and it can work offline too, there’s no cloud required, no internet connection required, you can do it anywhere. iStenoVoice is a very unique solution to a very unique problem.


  • Meteor
  • Electron
  • ReactJS
  • Dragon Natural Speaking
  • C++


  • Software
  • Training
  • Product