Watch TV on your terms

Tablo is a DVR for cord cutters. Discover, record and stream free, local Over-the-Air TV broadcast programs on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. LaunchFort helped them build apps that far extend past the typical mobile and desktop experience.

All the devices

Tablo is available on a wide array of devices. We typically think iPhones, Android phones, laptops, and desktops, and that’s all true, but Tablo spans wider than that. LaunchFort helped produce for SmartTVs, Amazon Fire TV, and XBOX. Additionally Tablo runs on other platforms as well such as AppleTV and Roku. There was no shortage of learning in this project.

Just like cable TV

Over-The-Air television operates much like cable TV, and there’s no reason for the interface to be stuck in the 90’s Tablo offers a similar experience across all their platforms.

Wherever, whenever

Couch, bed, maybe the washroom—we don’t judge. Tablo has an app for every scenario, and that flexibility was the product of many technical challenges and accomplishments.

The details

Working with custom platforms adds many new layers of complexity. Not all of them are made equal, but LaunchFort rose to the challenge and successfully deployed apps on a variety of non-standard platforms.

Together we built and continue to maintain Tablo apps for most of their use cases, giving users a consistent experience from one to the next.


  • Meteor
  • ReactJS
  • Blaze
  • Cordova
  • XState


  • Browser app
  • SmartTV app
  • iOS/Android app
  • XBOX One app
  • Android Settop boxes